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Don’t judge a Christmas tree by its appearance. Michigan Christmas Tree farmers grow a variety of species each year. Some trees are ideal for heavy ornaments, while others bring a pleasent aroma into your home. It's important to select a tree that fits your needs. We put together a list of Michigan Christmas tree species to make finding the perfect Christmas tree simple. The following trees can be found at most Michigan Christmas Tree Association farms. 

Fraser Fir 


Photo credit: Michigan State University Extension 

Fraser Firs originated in the Appalachian Mountains of the southeastern United States.  The needles are dark green with silvery undersides. The species is known for their upright branching, excellent needle rentetion, and straight stems.  The branches are strong, making this an excellent species for decorating. Learn more about the Fraser Fir species in thisvideo.

Douglas Fir 


Photo credit: Korson Tree Farm 

The Douglas Fir specices originated in western North America. This species has soft, light green needles. This tree is able to withstand frigid temperatures, making it an excellent selection for Michiganders. The branches are not as strong as other species, so it is not recommended for strong ornaments. This is an excellent budget-friendly. Learn more about this species in this video.

Scotch Pine 


Photo credit: Michigan State University Extension 

The Scotch Pine is a very common choice. This species doesn't loos their light green needles when they're dry, providing excellent needle retention. These trees have an excellent survival rate. These trees are a great choice for budget-concious consumers, too. Watch this video to learn more. 

Colorado Blue Spruce


Photo credit: Michigan State University Extension 

The Colorado Blue Spruce, or just Blue Spruce, is a common selection due to their bright blue needles. However, the needles on this tree are very sharp. The stiff branches make it great for decorating. Watch this video to learn more about this species. 

Balsam Firs


Photo credit: Dutch Tree Farm

Balsam Firs have a dark, green appearance and their pleasant fragrance lasts through the holiday season. The soft needles and a straight stem, making this a traditional favorite for many.

Concolar Fir


Photo Credit: Korson Tree Farm 

The Concolar Fir trees have long, narrow, bluish green needles that have excellent retention. One of the best feature of this species is the citrus-like scent of the needles. Watch this video for more information.

Canann Fir

Photo credit: Michigan State University Extension 

Canaan Fir shares many similiarites with Fraser Fir and Balsam Fir. It has dark green to bluish green needles. Watch this video to learn more about Canaan Fir. 

White Pine


The White Pine is the largest pine the U.S. White pine is a large, quickly growing species. The needles are soft and flexible with a bluish green color. This tree is not recommended for heavy ornaments. This is a great choice for budget concious consumers searching for a large tree. 

Visit our Christmas Tree Species Pinterest board to learn more about the various species.  Find your perfect real tree at a choose and cut farm, retail lot, or wholesale farm near you. 


Cover Image: Candy Cane CHRISTmas Tree Farm 
Sources: National Christmas Tree Association, Michigan State University Extention 

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