Your Real Christmas Tree Personality Type Is: Fir

You're A Douglas Fir Tree


You are a bold and practical experimenter who would appreciate the open and expansive branch spacing of a Douglas fir – the perfect platform for experimental decor thematics and large ornaments.

You are a flexible and charming artistic person – always ready to explore and experience something new. Like the scaly gray bark and the yellowish-brown branches of the stately Douglas fir that invoke striking natural contrasts to its deep green hue.

You are a smart, energetic and very perceptive person who truly enjoys living on the edge. Did we mention that the Douglas fir’s winter buds are brown, shiny and pointed – bringing life and energy to all around it?

As a spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic person, life is never boring around you. Same with the Douglas fir – a classic winner on all fronts. Its dense, bushy form fits well in any living room and provides a warm, festive, entertaining feeling to any home.

Other Real Michigan Trees that match your personality: White pine, Blue spruce

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