Your Real Christmas Tree Personality Type Is: Fir

Fraser Fir Tree Fir Tree Text


  • You are an imaginative and strategic thinker with a plan for everything. You appreciate the fir’s blue-green color with silver underside because it evokes creativity in ornament placement planning.
  • You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge … and a tree with excellent needle retention.
  • You are a bold, imaginative and strong-willed leader who identifies with the fact that the fir’s branches turn slightly upward for strength. This makes it ideally suited for garlands, large ornaments and string lights.
  • You are a smart and curious thinker who cannot resist an intellectual challenge. You also probably won’t be able to resist the heart-warming, fresh and clean fragrance of the fir. A fragrance so compelling that it can actually distract overly curious children from peeking at presents under the tree. Seriously.


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