Your Real Christmas Tree Personality Type Is: Pine

You're A White Pine Tree


You are a practical and fact-minded individual whose reliability cannot be doubted, much like a white pine. It’s practically the most perfect Christmas tree in the whole dang world, and it can always be relied upon to bring tidings of good cheer to your home and family.

You are an excellent administrator, unsurpassed at managing people and even children. For this reason, you would appreciate that the white pine’s bluish-green needles (with fascinating white lines along each one) grow in bundles. That’s right, they grow in bundles. Bundles of joy.

You are a very dedicated and warm protector, always ready to defend your loved ones. You stand tall in the face of adversity and are a beacon of hope and inspiration to all. Exactly like the white pine – the tallest tree in North America. Strong, proud and perfect for your home.

You are an extraordinarily caring, social and popular person who is flexible. Just like the unusually flexible white pine that can be squeezed through narrow door openings without causing any damage or getting damaged itself.

Other Real Michigan Trees that match your personality: Douglas fir, Blue spruce

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