Your Real Christmas Tree Personality Type Is: Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce Tree    Spruce Text


  • You are an original – with the unique ability to embrace existing traditions or to formulate bold new ideas. Which is why the blue spruce is perfect for you. Its narrow, pyramidal shape and cone-shaped crown make it the ideal Christmas tree for traditional or nontraditional decorative experimentation.
  • You think quickly and are able to shift from idea to idea without effort. Which is great because the dense, horizontal branches of the blue spruce allow for quick and easy on-the-fly ornament switch-outs while decorating.
  • You have an enviable amount of enthusiasm and energy, having no qualms with putting in long hours to find a perfect solution. Which means, again, the blue spruce is perfect for you. Since each specimen is very often perfect in every way, you spend very little time picking one out. Which means the time you save can be put to better use decorating it.
  • You are a fascinating person who rarely passes up a good opportunity to learn something new, even if it’s a seemingly minor, insignificant detail. Like the fact that the blue spruce has waxy gray-green needles, scaly gray bark and yellowish-brown branches – which only supports the notion that the blue spruce is just awesome.


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