All Things Christmas – The Natural Version

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The culmination of the Thanksgiving holiday has subsided and we are heading into a new season – Christmas. Meaning, it’s finally time to put up your fresh, real tree and decorate for the holidays.

With the topic of decorating for the holidays being brought into mind, we want to show you all the ways that you can incorporate real, live greenery into your holiday decorating routine. The next time you are perusing the holiday aisle at your favorite retail store keep these ideas in the back of your mind.

  • Hang up a real wreath made from a live tree, they’re full of life, are fragrant and make great gifts. You can even challenge your creative side by making and decorating one yourself.
  • Live garland is perfect to decorate mantles and surfaces in your home. Fresh garland is vibrant and aromatic and will brighten up your home while making it smell like the holidays should.
  • Utilize pinecones as a decoration. Aside from the sweet smell, they can be used to make many different decorations. Use them to create ornaments, to decorate garland or place in a glass bowl to make into a centerpiece.
  • Last but certainly not least, purchase a freshly cut Christmas tree. This one is a no brainer.  Why wouldn’t you want a fresh, fragrant farm-grown Christmas tree in your home during the holiday season? To top it off you can start a new family tradition by picking out your tree at your local retail lot or going to a choose-and-cut farm. If you have any worries about purchasing a real Christmas tree check out our Debunking the Real Christmas Tree Myths Blog.

To top it all off, by purchasing these live greenery decorations you are supporting local businesses and promoting a more “green” and sustainable Christmas. Read all about the cons of artificial trees here with our blog all about the toxic side affect that artificial trees have, here.

With these fresh, new ideas we hope you are excited to go out and decorate your home for the holidays with the natural yet decadent adornments. Many of the Michigan Christmas Tree Association locations have already opened for business. Take a peek at the ones nearest you by looking, here. With the holiday rush coming up we suggest purchasing one ASAP.

If you are choosing to purchase a real Christmas tree for the first time this year be sure to read our Advice for First-Time Buyers of Trees and Choose and Cut or Retail-Lot blogs to understand the different options you have when looking for that perfect tree. Happy decorating!