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Michigan Christmas Tree Association is your solution to find a real Christmas tree lot or farm near you to start off your holiday traditions!

Perhaps you’re looking for a Choose & Cut Christmas tree farm, so you can select and cut your own tree. Or, maybe you’re looking for a retail Christmas Tree lot that already has a nice precut selection of bustling trees. No matter what service you need, we are here to help you find that perfect tree that’s close to where you live.

Finding a real tree that gives off that wonderful pine aroma starts the season off perfectly! And, enjoying the twinkling decorations throughout the Christmas season is a real treat that makes Christmas a time to remember.

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Michigan Christmas Tree Association prides itself in offering easy access to real Christmas tree farms and lots located in Michigan.

Quick Tips on Caring for Your New Christmas Tree

And, once you purchase that perfect tree, the next step is finding out how to best care for that tree so that it stays fresh and vibrant throughout the entire Christmas season.

Below are a few tips to taking care of your tree:

  1. Keep your Christmas tree out of the sun and the wind until you are ready to put it up.
  2. Once you put your tree up, it’s important to keep your tree stand filled with water. A Christmas tree will absorb up to a gallon of water within the first day. Giving your tree plenty of water keeps the needles from drying out, and also keeps the nice pine-tree aroma.
  3. If the tree stand’s water at any time falls below the base of the tree, the tree will form a sap layer at the bottom, keeping it from soaking up the water. If that happens, you will need to recut the bottom base of the tree.