Michigan SNOWFRESH Christmas Trees


The SNOWFRESH Tradition

During the holidays, nothing embraces the spirit and sentiment of Christmas more than a real, natural Christmas Tree.  There is something magical about a real Christmas Tree, the way it looks, the way it feels, and the wonderful fresh scent that it brings into your home.  A real Christmas Tree is a part of our heritage, it links us all to the Christmas’ of our parent, and our grandparents, and their parents for generations back.  Today, as it was then, the Christmas Tree is the center of activity, where family and friends gather round to share in what is truely our most joyous and traditional of holiday.


The Michigan Snowfresh Christmas Tree is a tree of such quality, beauty, freshness and desirability, that it comes with a guarantee.  The growers of Michigan Snowfresh Trees have certified in writing and have pledged to stand behind all Michigan Snowfresh Trees they produce and sell.  Only Christmas Trees that meet the exacting standards of US #1 or better, and meet the even higher growing and handling specification of the Michigan Snowfresh Program will receive the Michigan Snowfresh Tag and Guarantee.  This means that you, the buyer, have our word, committment and obligation to assure you of only quality trees.  Quality you can depend on not only at the time of your purchase, but on delivery to you and upon resale to the consumer.

The Michigan SNOWFRESH Tree

We start right at the very beginning to create a tree exceptional enough to earn the title of Michigan Snowfresh Christmas Tree.  Michigan’s excellent soil conditions and climate, along with experienced and knowledgeable growers and a well-established seedling industry, make is possible for Michigan Snowfresh growers to begin nuturing the Snowfresh tree as early as the seedling stage.  This greater level of care at the beginning means that you, the buyer, will be able to count on a growing supply of Michigan Snowfresh Christmas Trees for years to come.

As the Michigan Snowfresh Christmas Tree grows, it is continually cared for to insure that it will live up to the rigid standards of Michigan Snowfresh.  A regiment of regular care, including soil and vegetation management, insect and disease protection and tree cultural practices, is followed to create and maintain an ideal condition for the trees to grow.  But Michigan Snowfresh Trees must not only be healthier, they must also look better than other trees.  To insure a full, well-shaped tree, growers of Michigan Snowfresh Trees begin trimming and shaping a Michigan Snowfresh Tree very early in the life of the tree.  This process is continued throughout the year of harvest to deliver to you a perfectly shaped tree.

By guaranteeing an ideal growing environment and early trimming/shaping, Michigan Snowfresh Growers can guarantee you, the retailer or broker, a supply of Michigan Snowfresh Trees that are fresher, look better, have greater needle retention, and ultimately a much greater consumer appeal.

The “Fresh” in SNOWFRESH

When a tree finally grows to the size, quality and beauty of a Michigan Snowfresh Tree, it is labeled with a non-reusable, numbered identification tag.  It is important for you to know that Michigan Snowfresh are harvested as late in the year as possible.  All Michigan Snowfresh Trees are cleaned, baled, and stored in a covered area within 72 hours of cutting to preserve their freshness.  In addition, all Michigan Snowfresh Trees are transported either covered or in closed trucks to protect their freshness.

As a final step to guarantee fresh Michigan Snowfresh trees, we will provide detailed instructions to you, the retailer, on proper storing, handling, and displaying of your Michigan Snowfresh trees to obtain maximum retail results.

Order Michigan SNOWFRESH First

The Michigan Snowfresh program has been started with the idea of providing you, the buyer, with the freshest, most attractive, most hardy and most consumer appealing Christmas Tree ever grown.  The Michigan Christmas Tree Growers have pledged in writing their committment to you to provide a Christmas Tree so outstanding that we will stand behind it with a guarantee.  Be sure to ask for Michigan Snowfresh Christmas Trees the next time you place your order.

The Michigan SNOWFRESH Christmas Tree, Nature’s Best

Michigan Snowfresh Christmas Trees are the very finest trees that Michigan produces.  Here is a checklist of information about the trees that you should know as a buyer.

  1. All Michigan Snowfresh Trees meet or exceed the guidelines for US #1 Grade or better.
  2. All Michigan Snowfresh Trees are grown in Michigan.
  3. All Michigan Snowfresh Trees are sold in even foot size classes, i.e. 5 foot includes trees from 5’0 – 5’11”, 6 foot include trees from 6’0 – 6-11″, etc.
  4. All Michigan Snowfresh Trees have been cleaned.
  5. All Michigan Snowfresh Trees will have reasonably straight trunks, specifically crooks in the handle do not exceed the centerline of the tree by a distance equal to no more than one-half the stump diameter of the tree.

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